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You're the one that I want :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 0 2 Anti-Sliding Puzzle :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 1 0 3(D) in 1 :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 1 0 Split Mind :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 1 3 The time of my life :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 4 6 Sherlock2 :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 4 2 Me before you :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 1 0 Audrey Tautou Progress :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 2 0 Audrey Tautou :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 2 2 Sherlock Holmes :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 11 4 Seville :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 5 0 Dolores' world :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 3 0 Laura :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 3 4 Thor, Dark World :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 8 3 Robb Stark :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 8 0 2nd test: Nightcrawler :iconmaria-m-mey:Maria-M-Mey 0 0

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You're the one that I want
Hi y'all!

After a busy time (Split contest included) I got to finish this piece that I started about a month ago. I cannot forget all the movies that raised me and this one is another one really important to me. I love this couple, the soundtrack, the movie... everything^^ so this work was a MUST in my "Valentines2017". I'm being very nostalgic but that's also inspiring to improve and have fun at the same time.

I'm moving into coloured pencils again, and big format (A3) to have plenty of movement.

I hope you like it!! And see you soon!!

*Graphite pencils and coloured pencils on A3 sketching paper*

Listening GREASE soundtrack over and over
Anti-Sliding Puzzle
[ENG] The second original idea was to divide the face from the principal actor in the movie into multiple squares as an unsolved puzzle. The way to display it is using a Sliding Puzzle, that you can solve because of the lack of one of the pieces. But these puzzles are marketed with a circle where that “lost piece” is, in order to keep still the entire puzzle. In this case, we have a puzzle with no chance to be solved because of that piece as a obstacle: the drawing of an open window towards the “freedom”, but it’s not real, it’s a fake illusion. This drawing has been painted by a child, in one important period where this disorder was born to fight against abuses or a traumatic impression.

So if the childhood opens the door to the disorders but is the “exit” as well, that causes a double point of view. That piece is the origin and the way to keep every piece well defined, but also it’s the way to call back the original person, hidden under all those layers of protection that are their personalities.

So in resume, that window/circle piece keeps all these personalities or pieces of the puzzle with no possibility of letting the original person to be him. It’s the way to solve the puzzle in case is removed but it’s also the impediment because it's an important part of that person after the suffering.

Once again, we can feel an annoyance because our mind is trying to join the pieces, as another simile with that person who struggle to keep all their parts/pieces in order.

/So this is the second way to express this topic from the movie. I got more struggles with this one despite of being simpler but I wanted to show it that way, as a child game. Anyway, I hope you like it. :) /


[ESP] La segunda idea original era dividir la cara inspirada en el personaje principal de la película en múltiples cuadrados a modo de puzle sin resolver. Y la forma de encuadrarlos era usando un puzle deslizante, en el que gracias a la falta de una pieza, puedes ir deslizando el resto para conseguir resolver el puzle. Pero estos puzles vienen de entrada con un círculo para completar ese espacio e impedir que las piezas se muevan hasta que la persona que lo use lo quiera resolver. En este caso es un puzle sin posibilidad de ser resuelto a causa de una traba en forma de símbolo infantil que podemos ver en la película. Es el dibujo de una puerta abierta hacia la “libertad”, pero que al ser un dibujo no es real, es una falsa ilusión. Esa falsa ilusión ha sido creada por un niño, en una etapa en la que se originó este trastorno como modo evasión de los abusos o experiencia traumática que experimentó.

Entonces, si la infancia abre la puerta al desorden pero también es la salida tenemos aquí un doble punto de vista. El origen y el desencadenando que permite que las piezas estén desordenadas, pero igualmente la forma de llamar de vuelta a la persona original, escondida tras esas capas de protección que son sus otras personalidades.

Por lo tanto esa ventana abierta origina y mantiene definidas esas partes de ese puzle que es la persona en cuestión. Es la forma de resolver el puzle pero también el impedimento al ser una parte importante de esa persona tras el sufrimiento.

Una vez más, podemos sentir la molestia visual, porque nuestra mente está intentando unir las piezas, como otro simil de lo que esa persona lucha por mantener todas sus partes en orden.

3(D) in 1

[ENG] The title refers to: 3D in 1, 3 people in 1 person or 3 Disorders in 1 body.  

This way the person who looks at the picture can feel the annoyance of an unusual 3D effect that let him/her feel the struggling.

The original idea was to show a simile with the issue of dealing with a multiple personality inside a body day by day. The result was to display a lot of layers that together could create a whole thing, a three-dimensional image.

But it’s not a correct 3-D picture (just with the use of cyan, red and black to get it), because the idea was to add more layers to annoy and letting to discover that there’s something wrong with the image that makes it work improperly. This way, the yellow layer was added as well as another annoyance to the observer, with the multiple planes that make the whole image up in the human eye with no need of using 3D glasses. But the image is deformed, distorted. As a personal distortion that lives inside that person who suffer this disorder, which he needs to deal with every day in order to get controlling it. This way our mind is always trying to join all the planes with no result.

/I couldn't help participating in this contest. As you can see I already made a work from the movie because I loved it since the moment I saw it... I think I got a little obsessed by this topic so I needed to get a way to explain it and express it. I hope you like it! ^^/


[ESP] La idea original era plasmar un simil entre el problema de lidiar con una multiple personalidad en un mismo cuerpo dia a dia. El resultado era muchos planos que unidos crearan un todo, una imagen tridimensional.

Pero, si usamos solo tres planos (cyan, rojo y negro) para conseguir un 3D  no va a acompañar tanto al mensaje como si ya añadimos más planos que molesten y hagan creer que algo incorrecto en ese 3D que hace que no funcione como debería. De esta forma añadimos el plano amarillo como el tercer espectro que simplemente crea esa molestia al espectador, junto con los múltiples planos que crean una imagen tridimensional al ojo humano sin necesidad de lentes, pero deformada, distorsionada.

Así, intentamos explicar la “distorsión” personal que experimenta la persona que sufre este trastorno, con el que tiene que lidiar cada día para intentar controlarlo. Al igual que nuestra mente intenta unir todos los planos en uno sin conseguirlo.

Split Mind
Hello again!!I am a dummy! 

I'm so proud to show you this one!! I am really happy with it because It was just a way to break myself free after spoiling the first I made... I got soooo impressed by the movie that I needed to draw this amazing actor... but I had to start again from another point of view. So I admit it starting to work on it really violently, but it match with the theme after all :D (Big Grin) .

At the end, I tried different techniches and materials and it ended up being one of my favourites one by now^^.

Anyway... I hope you like it! See you in the next post! :3

Made with charcoal pencil, oil pastels and coloured pencils on sketching paper size A4.
Time of working: less than 2 days.
The time of my life
I had so much fun with that one that even I remember I forgot the sense of time!!! Normally I'm really lazy doing curly hair but I tried to add some effect of light with colour pencils and... I don't have any regret at all *-*

But I was a little lost about adding color to the faces but I was suggested to leave it like this to have more contrast and because the work with pencil was good enought :). Sometimes I may be very indecisive... so thanks a million for the piece of advice :iconbyrsa:!!!! Hug Love

Well, this is the third work from the Valentine's Day serie but the 2nd I'll try to fix it before to upload it here.

I hope you like that one^^

Made with graphite pencils, colour pencils and malleable rubber on sketching paper size A3.
Hi! I'm again here!

This time I try again to write in english because I'm living in Ireland for several month so... it's a "must" to improve my English and come back to my personal space again. I can't promise that I'll work as hard as before but I wanted to share with you other kind of works... :)

A friend of me let me a tablet Wacom to practise digital painting and... OMG!!!! I'm obssesed with this! I just want to try and try with different drawings, usually comics of other person's design.

Anyway, I'm in Ireland above all to work, to improving languages and traveling when the weather leave me do it xD But when I'm off in rainy days I can practise whis this little treasure.

I hope you like my works, but I must notify it... please, you need to be patients with me... I'm just a kind of autodidact. I mean, I'm learning with videos and veeery nice friends.

Thank you all!!! :* :*
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María M Mayorga
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I studied Fine Arts in Seville College, specialised in Conservation and Restoration of Heritage, so I left my art behing for some years until Game of Thrones inspired me to try again working on some portraits to text if I still had the gift... And since then I tried to make always some for friends or just for myself. Now I'm moved in Ireland and I would like to work harder in my Art at the same time of my English...^^U (sorry by the mistakes). Thanks to visit my space! Hope you like it!


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