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Hi! I'm again here!

This time I try again to write in english because I'm living in Ireland for several month so... it's a "must" to improve my English and come back to my personal space again. I can't promise that I'll work as hard as before but I wanted to share with you other kind of works... :)

A friend of me let me a tablet Wacom to practise digital painting and... OMG!!!! I'm obssesed with this! I just want to try and try with different drawings, usually comics of other person's design.

Anyway, I'm in Ireland above all to work, to improving languages and traveling when the weather leave me do it xD But when I'm off in rainy days I can practise whis this little treasure.

I hope you like my works, but I must notify it... please, you need to be patients with me... I'm just a kind of autodidact. I mean, I'm learning with videos and veeery nice friends.

Thank you all!!! :* :*
  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Tutorials and Instagram
  • Playing: With my tablet? xD
  • Eating: Potatoesssss D:
  • Drinking: Mint and Liquorice tea ^^
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April 30, 2016


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